Is he Right for you?

In choosing who will be the right person in our teens, it is also right that they are the one to choose it not us – the parents! But, of course, we are just here to guide them. If you feel that your relationship is breaking down or your partner starts to display severe mood swings, you may want to turn to online counseling for help. In the meantime, below are few tips for you to use on how to guide them on how they will choose their love one soon.

  1. You both have common interests and goals. After the initial part of the relationship wears off a little, what will remain is friendship and note that friends have much more fun together. When you both work towards the same goal such as purchasing your home, raising your family and/or saving to get the dream vacation, then you are now working better together.
  2. Don’t select someone that are just because they have an attractive external appearance. As we know, all beauty will fade and what is left is their good personality and what is inside their heart. People who only marry for their own superficial reasons like their looks, will usually not succeed in a long-term relationship. As what most others say, “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” If you love that someone, they always appear to be beautiful.
  3. Make sure that your partner gets along with your family and friends. Though there are issues and or tenseness between your partner’s friends and family, it is important that you will make a positive effort in being polite. The same just goes towards your partner’s family and friends. Because your partner has already chosen to have this kind of friend or friends, probably means they will always be close. So, don’t ever try to get between the family and your friends. If you are having problems with your partner’s family or friends and your partner simply won’t listen, you may wish to seek the help of online counseling.
  4. Similar Spirituality. You don’t need to have the same religion with your partner. However, should one person be a devoted Christian who then attends church and another is an atheist who is partying all weekend, serious issues could arise. It is best to make sure that your beliefs are similar and you discussed this issue full in-depth prior to deciding on a long-term commitment. The spiritual beliefs may bring people more closely together and or tear them far apart, so make it sure that you are both having the same page. Read more from
  5. datingYou are both ready for a lifetime commitment. Many people rush into getting married even without taking their time to know the other side of the person. Simply dating a person for a couple of months does not guarantee that you will know them. Every individual tries to be their best, especially when it is the first few times that they meet that special someone. However, as you see the person over time when they are depressed, in trouble, or stressed this is when you get to know that person. If you are having problems with your partner regarding behavior, you may want to seek help with online counseling.
  6. Consideration and manners. You have to put yourself in the shoes of others and give respect towards what they feel. Compromise is the important thing you need to consider and needed elements to have a successful kind of relationship. If you will become an egomaniac narcissist and who only cares about their needs, you are heading for disaster. These types of people do not have the ability to put someone else’s needs first and only consider their own. Make sure the person you commit to cares as much about you as they do about themselves.

And eventually, ask your daughter/son – Is he right for you? Then, go for it and have him for your whole life! If you are experiencing any martial problems with your husband or wife, you may wish to get help with online counseling with a reputable company like BetterHelp.

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dating relationship

Finding the Right Man

Today, many men today are serious about finding a woman they can fall completely in love with for a lifetime. Likewise, many women quickly become tired of the dating scene and are just waiting for a man to come along that they can commit to for a life of bliss. Women need to keep a number of things in mind when trying to land that special guy. However, it is important to choose a man wisely as many relationships go south leaving many women feeling unable to cope and needing the help of free online counseling. However, relationships do not have to be so difficult. If you are a woman looking for the right man, you may find it easier than you think to find true love.

  • Be completely honest with a man when you first meet them. Any deception at all will be seen by the man as a red flag and will kill any chance of romance in the future. If you have been in a troubled relationship in the past, have financial problems, or have anything else that you know will be important later on, just be honest and discuss it early on – it is better for the relationship to be a non-starter instead of investing time and effort and then it goes wrong, so be upfront.
  • Make a list of what is most important to you and share it with your man as soon as is comfortable for both of you. You may be concerned with being with someone who is really into health and fitness but financial security may be higher on your list. Compare notes to see how compatible you really are. The last thing you want is to go through another heart-wrenching break up and needing online counseling to get you through it.
  • Be open to his lifestyle, family and job. Even if you dream of meeting a tall, dark and handsome doctor, an engineer, or a lawyer, you may soon realize that contractors and even retail managers could just be the perfect one for you. Also, if you are hoping to meet someone without any family, friends, or any form of baggage, book a trip to another planet where you are more likely to find someone like that. Everyone has people in their life that they are used to spending time with. Give the new man in your life a chance to introduce you to his friends and family. You just may be pleasantly surprised.

There are enough available men for every woman who wants to be in a serious, committed relationship. Go to places where men are likely to be and soon you will find the man of your dreams. Writing about what you want in a man can be helpful in finding the right man.

Best places to meet a good man
dating relationship*Attend activities of the opposite sex, such as sport’s stores, events, and bars, body-building health stores, non-traditional computer stores, men’s department stores, and at the gym.

* Attend Church. Above all else, attending church tops the list. No other place would have men with as much wealth of character.

* Homes and events of friends.

* On an airplane – sitting next to him.

* At work – but not in the same office.

* College laboratory courses.

* Day trips to the park.

* At the mall or supermarket.

* Special events – found in newspaper or TV ads.

* On vacation.

How to keep the good man

  1. Choosing a man for his physical attractiveness a very bad mistake to make is to choose a man because of his physical appearance.
  2. Trying too hard to please a man, women often make the mistake of doing anything and everything for a man, thinking that they are being everything that a man could want.
  3. Being too needy if you care for someone, it’s natural to want to be closer.

Making excuses for his shortcomings some men just don’t have anything going for them or they don’t treat women well. Too many women end up being left heartbroken by men who are good looking but have no intentions of being faithful and end up requiring free online counseling. Don’t become one of them… do your homework and you really can find Mr. Right. Read the news coming from

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Choosing Mr. Right

Though we all seek to find Mr. Right, it is imperative to teach our teenage daughters that it not easy to do so and that no one is perfect. That is why we as parents are here to guide and give them support that they need from us. However, if you have a teenager who you think is dating the wrong person and they won’t listen to you, you may wish to seek help with online counseling.

Below are the top 7 pointers which we can give to them in choosing their Mr. Right:

  1. Have a fruitful life. The important thing is to be Ms./Mr. Right yourself. Looking for the right man will not going to change yourself into a better individual than what you are now. If you are a kind of lazy and is self-centered, probably finding a better and generous, working fellow will not change you in the long run.  If you are a little boring and a one-dimensional type of person, finding an intellectually more challenging man will not change who you are either. You should learn how to be more interesting, caring, kind, and unselfish first. Model yourself after women you admire.
  2. Know what you are looking for in a man. Here are some qualities to look for in a healthy relationship: Common values and the same culture, the ability to forgive, the ability to accept challenges and then confront them without any defensiveness, have the desire to raise children, and learn share common goals.
  3. Look in places where you would expect to find someone with the qualities you value. If you want someone who cares, look at the local soup kitchen and see who is volunteering on Saturday afternoons. If you want someone who is good with kids, look for a coach, a teacher, or a mentor. If you wish to look for a generous guy, then ask yourself about who is in the crowd and has a generous spirit. Who will share his own Pepsi with you even without asking for it? Who offers you their seat on the bus?
  4. Expect a human being, not someone perfect. No one is going to be everything you have ever dreamed of. Give the guy a break. You already know that you are not Ms. Perfect. He will make mistakes as well. Relax a bit and don’t so picky. Allow for human frailty. You may look beyond the physical attractiveness. Of course, you do not wish for a slob forever any more than he does, but he doesn’t have to be Mr. Hunk, either.
  5. relationshipTalk to your family and friends about the kind of man you want. Who better knows you and the things you need? Ask them about certain tips on what could be the type of guy they think you need and don’t be hurt or insulted when they will tell you what is true. They will probably know you better than you know about yourself. Their feedback could be invaluable.
  6. Evaluate your physical attractiveness. Not everyone here is like Ms. America. There won’t be anybody looks like every model in those glossy magazines. Everyone has something going for us, though. We just have to find out your best looks and features that accentuate it. Wear clothes that flatter your figure. Accept yourself for who you are, but don’t use that as an excuse to let yourself go, either. If you are obsessed about your features and get over the way you look, affecting the way you are, you may want to get help with online counseling. You can get more info on finding Mr. Right from
  7. Be patient. Rome was not built in a day. It may take some time to discover what appeals to you and why. You may make a few friends and even break a heart or two. You may get hurt. Keep at it. There are good men out there. You simply need to know where to look. If, however, you feel your relationship with Mr. Right is breaking down, you may want to contact a leading counseling firm like BetterHelp for advice.
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