Conversation Starter:  A Guide To Never Running Out Of Topics To Discuss On A Date


It is so awkward being on a date and not knowing what to talk about. The silence that fills the spaces and not knowing what to say to fill it up can be so uncomfortable.  It is easy to run out of things to talk about when you meet someone for the first time.

For first dates, the perfect conversations can make or mark your chances of getting another date, so it’s important that you have an idea of interesting discussion topics, so you don’t run out of what to discuss with your dates.

Top 7 Date Ideas That Will Leave Her Feeling Excited


So you want to go on a date with the lady you’ve had a crush on, and you want to impress her.  You are looking for cool date ideas that will help you) leave her feeling excited.  You don’t have to rob a bank to take her on awesome dates. There are cheap creative date ideas that can excite her. Dinner dates and coffee dates seem dull and ordinary. Nobody wants boring activities anymore so why don’t you let your creative juices flow and think of adventurous date ideas for you and your date.

Top 10 Dating Tips



Starting a new relationship or entering the dating scene after a long time can be overwhelming which is why there are some set of rules for dating. Not everyone might know all the rules when it comes to having a successful relationship. Sometimes, the work involved in keeping a relationship intact is harder than it should be. There are days when you just want to call it quits and resign yourself to long nights of loneliness while on other days, you feel like you are on cloud 9 and never want to let go.

Dating At 50 – What You Need To Do


Can you imagine my mother who has been divorced since she was thirty, has found “the one” for her the second time around, on her 50th birthday? That’s right! When she celebrated her glorious age of 50, her then “boyfriend” proposed to her and gave her a Tiffany engagement ring. The rock was enormous (he owns two or three fast-food chains so I’m assuming he’s moneyed ) and I was really jealous of my mom! I got a cubic zirconia, silver plated engagement ring while she was given a blue box.

15 Questions That May Help You On Your First Date

Have you ever rehearsed what you’re going to say during your most awaited first date with someone? Have you tried searching online for tips on what to ask during your first date? Or do you ever wonder if your usual date questions actually matter? If your answer is yes, yes, and yes, worry not. Everyone else thought about those at least once in their dating lifetime. Because first dates are important in deciding whether to continue seeing someone or not, let me share 15 questions that may help you on your first date.

Why You Should Spice Up your Dating Life Every Now and Then

Every couple has their own way of spending the day together. Whatever it is, it might be a little too routinely if that’s the only thing you keep doing with your partner when you’re out on a date. It would help to spice things up a bit sometimes. If you do, it ignites the spark and excitement between you two. The thought of “Oh! We are actually doing this together. Crazy!”