5 Things You Should Understand Before Dating Someone With Panic Attack 

It is not a person’s choice to have a condition that may hinder some essential things in life such as work and relationships. Mental health issues like anxiety and panic attacks can be challenging and life-changing as they make a person adjust with the limitations they bring.

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When it comes to dating, it is vital that both parties understand the things that may occur when they’re dating a person with a panic attack as it directly impacts the behavior. Relationships last because of mutual understanding, and it all depends on how both people are satisfied with how they feel when dating or while in a relationship.


When you finally decide on dating someone with anxiety and panic attack, there are several things you have to bear in mind, so you DON’T PANIC!


Essential Things You Should Know About A Person With Anxiety Or Panic Attack:


  1. You Are Not Our Doctor.

Don’t try and fix us as if we are your patient. The last thing you would want when in a relationship with someone who has a panic attack is to make him feel the gravity of his situation. As much as you are concerned about his welfare, making him think you are overly concerned would only make him feel worst. It will pressure him even more.


2. We Do Not Have Control Over Our Condition.

Some people may think that having a panic attack is something we have control over, but it’s not. We are not triggering our attacks to get attention, and we are not paranoid. The last thing we wish for is to lose control over our own body and mind.


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3. We Are Battling With Our Raging Thoughts.

People with anxiety and panic attack try their utmost best to seem okay. For you, it may appear to be a simple conversation, but for us, the thoughts in our heads are flaring up that no matter how we wish to stay in the boundaries of the topic at hand, our minds go beyond the past, present, and especially the future.


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4. Don’t Misunderstand Our Clinginess.

There are times when we check on you more than we should. For instance, we tend to call again and again until we are sure that you are okay. It is not because of trust issues or whatnot; it is because our anxiety may get the best of us and give us the feeling that you are in danger. The thought of uncertainty can trigger our panic attacks.


5. Don’t panic!

Having an anxiety or panic attack can be frightening, and it may scare you. However, understand that this is what we are battling with, and it would help us enormously if you would calm yourself rather than calm us down. It will substantially help if you know what to do and whom to call when an attack happens.


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Dating someone who has an anxiety or panic attack can be very difficult. It could sometimes mean that your relationship would revolve around the condition, but that is precisely the challenge – to not let it be about it. You are dating or in a relationship with the person and not with the condition. There are essential things you should know, but just like with everything else, you have to be positively ready.






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