MJ Dougherty Takes Part Of 2016 Los Angeles Book Launch

M.J. Dougherty launches his new book, Life Lessons from a Total Failure, in the 2016 Los Angeles Book Launch held at Sand Box, Los Angeles. It was also attended by some notable talent. Christina Moore, John De Luca, Patrick Gallagher, Bill Jones, and Scout Compton are some of the talents.

Life Lessons From A Total Failure
Life Lessons from a Total Failure is based on Dougherty’s life. The book takes the reader to the dark past of the author when he was still in his early years. At this time, he felt that he was doomed to fail in all aspects of life – from his personal and social life until his professional life.

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However, with the help of exploration and discipline, he found clarity and peace after the said challenges. The book brings the readers through a journey full of poor life choices. These choices eventually translated to being the best decision made. It is also considered a self-help book which helps the audience connect to their present self.

The Trevor Project

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The book launch event is also considered to be a service project to the community. A fraction of the collection will be donated to The Trevor Project. It is an organization which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention programs and services to the LGBTQ youth. Aside from this, Dougherty promised The Trevor Project that all the royalties which would be collected on the day of the launch will be donated to the same initiative. Some guests, such as Barnes and Noble, also pledged that if 1,000 books would be sold that day, they will also be giving the organization 10 percent of the total earnings that night.

Because of this, celebrities poured their support to the book. It does not only provide self-help to the readers but also gives back to the community. M.J. Dougherty and his book is definitely a blessing to everyone.

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