The 2016 Amsterdam Relationship Counseling Month was among the most awaited celebrations in the region, primarily for married couples who are on a rocky road. It did not occur in February, but you would think that it’s taking place in the love month due to the number of men, women, or same-sex individuals participating in various relationship-related activities. And when events came to the open forum about marriage, practically everyone poured into the conference hall where it was held.

Nevertheless, although the celebration happened several years back, and you may not have the time to visit Amsterdam to take part in it annually, you still deserve to get tips on how to save your marriage.


Stay Away From The Blaming Game

When a couple starts arguing, it seems typical to hear one of them blame the other. “You did this and that; that’s why I acted this way,” some may say. If the accused spouse feels wronged, they tend to come back with criticism too. Thus, they end up fighting nonstop.

Considering you don’t want to split permanently, you should stay away from the blaming game. Not only is it childish to play victim all the time, but it won’t resolve your issues as well. You need to talk about the problems like two adults instead.

Make Compromises

The truth that many people don’t see is that they can never change someone’s views, regardless if they are married to that person or not. Some keep on trying to do so, which can be frustrating for their significant other.

The only acceptable thing to do is to make compromises with one another. Say, if the husband wants to play poker with his friends on Thursdays, the wife should be able to go shopping with her gal pals on another day. This way, no one has to suppress their preferences.


Reiterate Your Common Goals

In case the situation’s getting worse between the two of you, you should force yourselves to stop arguing and voicing out your common goals as a couple. It may be difficult when steam’s going out of your ears in anger or frustration, but you should do it to prevent yourselves from fighting longer.


Saving your marriage should not be a tough feat, especially if you both want to do it. Follow the tips mentioned above, considering you say no to divorce. Good luck!


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